Friday, April 24, 2015

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Circuit Cufflinks

Hall Effect Sensors

Motion Sensor - PIR - DIY Module - Easy 3 PINS ( Power, Ground, Output)
                                                                                                   Motion Sensor
Potentiometer Knobs

LED's Variety Pack 14 PCS - Light Emitting Diodes - 3mm - Hobbies + Projects - Water Clear 7 colors

3mm Leds Assorted

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table of Elements Shower Curtain - Big Bang Theory                                         Breadboard 16cm (full size) with Power and Gnd

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stroboscope - Motion of a wild cat

The stroboscopic effect is a visual phenomenon caused by aliasing that occurs when continuous motion is represented by a series of short or instantaneous samples. It occurs when the view of a moving object is represented by a series of short samples as distinct from a continuous view, and the moving object is in rotational or other cyclic motion at a rate close to the sampling rate. It also accounts for the "wagon-wheel effect", so-called because in video or film, spoked wheels on horse-drawn wagons sometimes appear to be turning backwards.
A strobe fountain, a stream of water droplets falling at regular intervals lit with a strobe light, is an example of the stroboscopic effect being applied to a cyclic motion that is not rotational. When viewed under normal light, this is a normal water fountain. When viewed under a strobe light with its frequency tuned to the rate at which the droplets fall, the droplets appear to be suspended in mid-air. Adjusting the strobe frequency can make the droplets seemingly move slowly up or down. 

HP 50g - Graphing Rose Petals - Polar Graphs

Touch Switch Circuit - 2N3904

HP 50g - Double Integrals in Equation Writer

Use your HP 50g to solve Double Integrals in Calculus 3. New videos every Sunday. Grab your graphing calculator and Subscribe. See you there.

HP 50g - Periodic Table

The HP 50g is a powerful calculator. Find out just what it can do every Sunday. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Bits4Bots

555 Timer - LED Flasher with conductive 3D Filament - Astable Mode

June 23rd 2021 By Bits4Bots    Rapid circuit prototype with a 3D printer and conductive filament. This project features a simple circuit d...