Sunday, July 12, 2015

DesignSpark: 3D Modeling Software Review

DesignSpark PCB Review                                                            
By: Larsha Johnson

When it comes to PCB/3D modeling there is a plethora of software to choose from, such as Altium, DipTrace. PCB 3D, Target 3001, NI Ultiboard, DesignSpark and more! For those of you who have read my previous blogs you'll know the past circuit designs were created using NI Utliboard. In this blog I ventured out into the world wide web for more 3D rendering software options.DesignSpark is what I found and here are my results.

What I like about DesignSpark so far (an hour in) is that there was no cost! I simply downloaded the software and was able to jump right in. However, the downside is that you are required to create an account to use it. Coming from NI Ultiboard to DesignSpark I was very knowledgeable about how the user interface worked. I will admit I watched one YouTube tutorial to get things moving. 

I soon found myself designing (placing a few random components if you will) my very first circuit. The purpose was simple, test the user friendliness of other 3D software. Overall I will say that DesignSpark is definitely easy to use. And the components look amazing.

There is one feature that I liked the most in this pcb 3D software and that is the option to change the color of the board. Join us next week for an update on colorful pcbs.

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