Saturday, July 18, 2015

DesignSpark|PCB Settings

First you will need to start with a new PCB Design. You are able to specify how many layers your board requires and if you will start with a circle board. The file should open with a square PCB by default. To erase the pcb press the Select Mode icon (second to the last: arrow icon) select the pcb and press delete on your keyboard or click the red X icon.
Now you can proceed with your new pcb shapes. To do this, on your tab bar go to ADD: scroll down to Board and select any shape. You are now able to make your desired board shape. Try a few different ones. Next option to choose is changing the colors of the pcb, components, traces, silkscreen, and pins. There are 48 standard colors to choose from and also a color palette option!
As you can see DesignSpark allows you to design many pcbs in one work space. However, selected pcb settings will apply to all boards within the work space.
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